GSYF - Equipamentos para Energia, Lda


GSYF, in partnership with other Portuguese Institutions, developed an innovative Technology process to produce fuels from electricity: Green SynFuel. The company has been already well succeeded in the production of SynGas from electricity and carbon, and aims the experimental production of Methane (NG) and Methanol next June.

Clean and innovative, GreenSynFuel can represent a major contribution to decarbonisation of energetic mix in 2050, in line with LCP targets of UE. The technology, if associated with renewable energies, allows the energy autonomy of any community and facilitates the access to the electrical energy of Less Favoured Regions as a basic asset.

Also, GreenSynFuel is a storage technology similar to a reversible dam, with several advantages: decentralized solution, phasing implementation, flexible location. There are no geographic locations restrictions, neither environment drawbacks to be handled.

Target markets are huge with a 2 digits growth rate, embracing electrical energy storage, grid stabilization, synthetic fuels (competing with biofuels) and electrification of isolated off-grid locations. GreenSynFuel maximizes the penetration of renewables sources in the electrical energy basket and limits fossil fuels dependence. Preliminary economic evaluations point out the competitiveness of the technology compared with current market solutions.

A 1kW prototype is being tested. A piote scale of a 10 kW unit shall be available at the end of the year for field tests, and to be commercialised afterwords. Company plan is to launch  a 100 kW unit next year to be tested preferentially in a small Island.

GSYF is a micro start-up company, looking for partners/investors that could contribute to the business development at a global scale.. 

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